Information Seeking in a Global Context. The Creeping Influence of Economic Globalization & Corporatization: Neoliberal Discourse in Canadian Academic Libraries

Courtney Waugh


Strategic planning documents are "key sites to institutional discourse" and reflect the public face of the library. This research explores the extent to which Neoliberal discourse permeates the strategic plans of three Canadian academic libraries, and examines how they are responding to global economic and political pressures. Through content analysis, the tension between libraries as a public good versus libraries as commodity is examined. Within this context, the disconnect between librarian core values and changing institutional values is also explored.

Les documents de planification stratique sont des sites cl pour tout discours institutionnel et reflent le visage public dune bibliothue. Cette recherche tente de prendre la mesure dans laquelle le discours nlibal imprne les documents de planification stratique de trois bibliothues universitaires canadiennes, et examine comment ces institutions rondent la mont et la diversification des pressions onomiques et politiques mondiales. En utilisant l'analyse de contenu et un regard critique, cette recherche exploratoire examine la tension entre la conception de la bibliothue comme bien public et sa conception comme produit de marchandisation.

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